Running through the Minefield

From Zoe Enser, thoughts on research and evidence in teaching.

Teaching it Real

One of the phrases I’ve seen used over the past few years has been ‘the evidence says’. Well, to be more precise, ‘the research says’. It is a phrase which can either provoke people into action, grabbing onto the newest book or document that comes out ready to change the world with it, or send them into spasms of eyerolling, dismissing it with a well-placed ‘research can prove anything’ or ‘it could never happen here.’ These reactions are understandable from both positions. On the one hand teachers and leaders would love there to be a silver bullet which will ‘fix’ all of the issues we face day to day. On the other there has been a lot of guff which floated around either under the label of research or having mutated into something which bears no relation to what was originally said. With all that in mind then, is there…

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